Stronger Bench Press
  No weight training exercise holds the same mystique as the bench press. Most serious weight lifters can lift more weight when they squat and deadlift than they can when they bench press, yet the question they will always hear is "how much can ya bench?" Even non-lifters are fascinated by the bench press.
Because of this, just about every serious weight trainer wants to build a stronger bench press.

  There could be many reasons for why the bench press is such a popular exercise. One could be that the bench press is a relatively easy exercise to perform. It won't take as much out of you as major exercises like squats, deadlifts, power cleans, and clean and presses will. Also, it's much more enjoyable to do a set of bench pressses than a set of squats. Nobody takes chest day off in their weight training routines. While you still need to learn proper form to succeed at increasing bench press strength, it's still an easier and funner exercise to do than those other major exercises.

  Another reason for the bench presses popularity may be that it's easy to see your chest in the mirror. There's a reason why the chest and biceps are the 2 most popular muscle groups for male weight trainers to exercise. It's because these muscles are easy to see. Though the back muscles have much more overall size than the chest and the triceps make up more of the arms size than the biceps, you can't flex and see those muscles as easily, so they just don't hold the same mystique as chest and biceps training.

  Many weight lifters love the bench press because the chest is one of the easiest muscles to build. This does depend on genetics of course, but for many people, it's much easier to increase the muscle size of their chests than other muscle groups. When you get you heart pumping while you're bench pressing, the blood is going to get to that area very quickly. This will give you that strong, pumped feeling every weight trainer and bodybuilder strives for.

  Whatever the reason that the bench press is the most popular exercise to perform, it's likely that you want to increase your bench strength. By following the right routine and using proper form, more bench press strength and chest size can be yours. Check out Critical Bench and Blast Your Bench to learn how to build your bench press strength.